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We are mad as hell and we are voting Blue.

You know the movie “Network” in 1976, won 4 Academy Awards, and several nominations, and the message at least from Howard Beale’s point of view, was that we have been to complacent in what is going on in our world, in our case today, in our government, especially the GOP-led Congress, that has gone completely off the track, and un-American, and every news organization treats it as business as usual, like it was nothing. So what do we do, nothing! Why?, Because we are being lulled into accepting the status quo. We should be like Howard Beale and let our government know that “we are mad as hell, and we won’t take it anymore” If you don’t want to say it, fine, but say it with a blue vote at the voting polls in November. Go to the voting polls in November and say it with your Blue vote. We are mad as hell and we are voting Blue.

by Ruben Hernandez

at MemeGOP


About rhernandez147

My Blog is about informing Americans about political truths, and political lies. We give you the truth, and expose the lies It is like keeping the door open to a free society We make fun of the liars and their lies.


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