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Dwight D. Eisenhower was the Last Real “Conservative” Republican President…… Reagan and Bush were really the “Borrow and Spend” Presidents.

tax and spend

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Wow, all these people that call themselves conservative, and support conservative candidates, because they call themselves conservative. I am sorry but the word “conservative” has lost its meaning. It no longer means what you think it means. Not when the word is attached to the Republican/Tea-Party, for them it is just used as a misleading label.

The word “conservative” is a word attached to the Republican/Tea-Party, and they proclaim to be Fiscal Conservatives. There has not been a real Fiscal Conservative Republican president, since Eisenhower. Eisenhower was the last Fiscally Conservative Republican President. The Tax rate for the wealthy under Eisenhower was 92% for America’s top earners and at that time in the 50’s the top earner was anyone that made $400,000 or more. Today the wealthy pay 28.9% and these rich cats are making billions.

Eisenhower was the last fiscal conservative president, and here is what a real fiscal conservative does, at least Eisenhower did:

  • He refused to lower taxes on the wealthy.
  • He paid down the National Debt.
  • He spent money to create jobs.
  • He signed legislation that expanded Social Security.
  • He increased the minimum wage.
  • He created the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
  • He also supported government construction of low-income housing.
  • He put the Interstate Highway program in place, which created jobs and stimulated the economy.

Today “conservative” means just one thing, lowering taxes. But the problem is that only the wealthy are getting tax-cuts. All this trickle-down has never worked, yet the middle class republican voters keep buying into trickle-down. They are blind to the fact that multi-billion dollar companies move American jobs outside the United States. They are also blind to the fact, when multi-billion dollar companies like McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart and the like, in the United States pay their workers minimum wage, making these workers eligible for government aid programs like the Food Stamp program, and the American Tax-payer foots the bill because republicans will not raise the minimum wage.

Ronald Reagan called himself a fiscal conservative, yet Ronald Reagan TRIPLED the National Debt during 8 years of peacetime, and his deregulation fever left the country with the S&L train-wreck right after he left office. He gave the wealthy a 42% tax-cut, the largest tax cut in American history, while raising taxes on the middle class. This was his famous Reaganomics, or trickle-down economics. Reagan raised the Debt Ceiling a record 17 times, this is more than any president past or present. Reagan is the icon that republicans look up to. Also if anyone remembers this, but Reagan’s name was mentioned up to 53 times at the republican presidential debates in 2012. As if he had conservative values. The fact is Reagan’s record indicates he was not a conservative, he just used the label.

Reagan gave this country Corporate America, and Corporate America is now buying our government through the GOP heavy Supreme Court ruling in favor of Citizens United. This ruling opened the flood gates to unrestrained funding to GOP/Tea-Party candidates that will return the favor by passing laws that further weaken government restrictions on big business, and weaken laws that protect Middle America.

The G.W. Bush/Cheney Administration that proclaimed to be conservative, were con-men from start to finish, with Cheney famously remarking to then Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill that “Reagan Proved that Deficits Don’t Matter” wow is that really what a conservative should be saying.

The G.W. Bush administration deliberately took the country from record surpluses to debt in less than 18 months. And just like Reagan, their deregulatory fever left the country with the housing bubble, the financial meltdown, and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

So while Bush and Reagan call themselves “conservative” they were spending like drunken sailors. Plus lowered taxes on the wealthy, all the while calling themselves “conservative”

If Reagan’s and Bush’s brand of “conservative” is any indication of what today’s conservative is, then Middle America is not benefiting from it. Actually we the Middle Class Americans today, are losing the opportunities that were there before. If we let republicans take control of our government, it is really people like the Koch Brothers that will be in control. We are really not “Conservative”, or “Liberals”, we are Americans with American values, and our values are being destroyed by money grubbing crooks that are stealing our Government and republican middle class voters are helping them. The facts are clear, and if middle class people continue to support these crooks, you have just not been paying attention to the events that are moving our country and government to corporate control.

Please vote Blue in November 2014. These mid-term elections are too important, and not voting is the same as voting GOP. Get registered, if not registered, vote early if you can, see you at the voting polls. Pass this message to your friends, there are links below.

By Ruben Hernandez

at MemeGOP


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