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Well Informed Citizens Vote Blue


One solution to America’s political system is if people would rely on being:”truly informed”:
• about American history,
• about the workings of how laws are formed and passed,
• about the issues that move America forward,
• about how a livable wage, and jobs, stimulate the economy,
• about how lifting Americans out of poverty, stimulates the economy
• about how Big Business shipping out American jobs, hurts the economy
• about how trickle-down, is only for the wealthy 1% not for the 99%,
• about how our government is being sold for control of our American lives
The operative words “truly informed” and if every American was truly informed, it would be quite hard for a politician to successfully lie to you. Also, it would give you a clear vision that only one party is working for the the American people, and that would be the Democrats. Vote Blue November 4th, 2014. A blue vote is a vote for all Americans. America’s future belongs to all Americans, but you must participate in the political process, you must exercise your right to vote. America’s future is decided by Americans exercising their right to vote.
By Ruben Hernandez


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