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Bill Maher is correct . The right-wing have been using racial code words ever since Obama became President. So, why doesn’t the media report this? If the media reported a fraction of Republican’s racial comments, the GOP would be a footnote in history.

Tip number one. Talk a lot, a lot about the importance of hard work. White people eat that sh*t up, because they they’re the only Americans who do work hard and that they’re carrying all the people who just collect welfare and complain. Reinforce this silly notion so that they can feel better about themselves. Then give a Bill Cosby like speech where you tell black people to pull up their pants!! And then if elected you’ll appoint a belt czar. Now of course, this is isn’t even a thing anymore and the only person who still wears his pants down on his ass is Justin Bieber. Doesn’t matter. What people want to know that you think welfare is un-American and denotes a character flaw except of course for the welfare they’re collecting.

Then say something about how dads are important. If a reporter asks you what you think about the melting ice caps say that’s a good question, and it comes down to dads. Because they’re the one who have to tell kids that they can’t all grow up to be rappers and ballers. See? Without ever mentioning race specifically, you can use code words to make white people think it. Phrases like culture of dependency, personal responsibility, and of course violence in elevator

by Bill Maher

Posted by Neil Salz


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