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Things the GOP, tried, but failed, would have hurt Americans, although they succeeded in hurting Americans anyway. No matter what they do, Americans suffer from their actions, VOTE BLUE in 2014.

Mitch McConnell speaks to the press following more debt reduction talks on Capitol Hill in Washington

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  • They tried to make Barack Obama a one term president, and failed.
  • They tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, over 50 times, and we failed.
  • They tried to hold the country hostage, unless they had our way, and we failed.
  • They refused to vote on a jobs bill, and succeeded.
  • They voted against raising the minimum wage, and succeeded.
  • They tried to cut safety nets to the disadvantage, and succeeded

The only things, the GOP is good at: is hurting Americans. How much more abuse of power are we the American people, going to put up with? The mid term elections are coming, let’s start chipping their power away, let’s get rid of these unAmerican crooks  Vote Blue on November 4th, 2014.

By Ruben Hernandez
at MemeGOP

About rhernandez147

My Blog is about informing Americans about political truths, and political lies. We give you the truth, and expose the lies It is like keeping the door open to a free society We make fun of the liars and their lies.


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