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Five Reasons Why You Should Vote Democrat

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Do you ever wonder why our country is going further to the political right? Well let’s see, there are the Koch Brothers, and other billionaires that are pouring millions into the political system, basically buying elections with their billions, and buying political influence, through the GOP/Tea-Party. There is Fox News, the GOP/Tea-Party propaganda machine, hammering away on TV, 24 hours a day spreading their right-wing propaganda, lying through their 1st Amendment right to lie to their viewers.

Moreover we are still under the thumb of President Reagan, and both Bush’s Presidencies. The trickle-down economics of Reagan, and continued through both Bush presidencies. Clinton was able to raise taxes on the wealthy, but G.W. Bush lowered them right back down.

So what else are we suffering from these three presidents, (Ronald Reagan, G.H. Bush, and G.W. Bush). Well today and for more years to come, our future as Americans will depend much on how we vote in elections. The three presidents mentioned here have already laid the groundwork that will make it harder for Americans to benefit from elections that favor the wealthy and leave the Middle class fending for themselves.

Supreme Court Judges are appointed by the President, and five of the Justices were appointed by all three of the GOP presidents. These Justices have made rulings that favor the right-wing. Their ruling basically elected George Bush to the presidency. They ruled in favor of Citizens United, which in turn opened the floodgates to unlimited political funding, opening doors that can only lead to more political corruption, as if we don’t have enough already. But these enormous amounts of political funding is not just at the national level, it is in every state where this money can make changes in state and city governments to favor big money corporations. The Justices that have made it possible won’t be retiring anytime soon, they will be there helping the wealthy control our government and shrink the middle class even more.

All this from three presidents that were economic failures, that gave and continue to give the wealthy the biggest tax cuts in American history, while these corporations make record-breaking profits and pay very little taxes and ship American jobs to foreign countries. So billionaires, getting presidents to sell the American public on trickle-down economics, and appointing like-minded Supreme Court Justices that rule in favor of corporations that give them power to control our government, and thus control the fate of American citizens, is what the American voter is up against.

These items above are not by chance, they are by design. It is a well executed plan, and it is about to bear fruit the wealthy have been waiting for, it will be total dominance without firing a shot. It will be the takeover of a government and its citizens.

So when you vote for the Republican/Tea-Party, you are helping the wealthy reach their goal. The President in 2016 may have an opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice during his term, but if he is a republican, then most likely it will be another right-wing leaning judge which could be the last nail in American freedom. Then again if we vote for a Democrat as president, then we can slow down the takeover, maybe even start reversing their plan. Supreme Court Justices, especially in this political climate can change the future for years to come.

So not voting Democrat is giving the Republicans more room to control the Government. In the midterm elections not voting democrat will further continue the gridlock in Washington, and the American people will not benefit from any legislation that improves American lives. Also the next president, if he or she is a republican in 2016 could do even more damage to the American people by appointing one more republican nominated Judge to the Supreme Court, if a vacancy should occur. The damage to the American political system will take decades to reverse. We cannot afford another republican nominee to the Supreme Court. Voting democrat is the only way to reverse the political make up of the court.

By Ruben Hernandez

at MemeGOP


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